Banshee, the RugCat Queen

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Banshee is the feline love of my life. I love all the RugCats, but this girl is extra-special. She came to me when I was feeling very depressed at the death of Pita, our little Rainbow kitten and one of Whisper's little boys. After Pita died, Rick (the RugCats' Dad) saw an ad for free kittens. He called and we went to the house. Banshee knew I needed her desperately and had no problem coming home with us. That night she fell asleep in my arms; the next morning when I woke up, she was still there. And so it has been every night.

She shares a breakfast banana with Rick, she just loves her cantaloupe and apples. (If anybody has a way to freeze cantaloupe for the winter, please let me know!) She adores pizza. And she can certainly yell when I'm preparing chicken or turkey!

Banshee got her name when she was a tiny little baby with lungs bigger than she was. Every morning she would walk around the house, screaming at the top of her lungs. Like a little baby, she was too cranky to take a nap. I would stop whatever I was doing, pick her up, and we'd head for the rocking chair where I would rock her to sleep. She'd start to purr and she'd sleep for about a hour. Come time for her next nap, we'd go back to the chair. This continued for almost 3 months, until she grew out of her crankiness. She also spent naptimes with Whisper, her adopted mother.

Today, Banshee is the sweetest, most affectionate and loving cat we've ever known. She sleeps in my arms at night and she takes care of us when we're sick or feeling down. She's a "people kitty" and is happiest when she is with us, whether we are doing dishes in the kitchen or watching television in the living room. When I'm working on the computer, Banshee is usually in my lap, purring away.

She has started a new routine. After we are finished with the dinner dishes, Banshee and I go for a walk around our yard. She is quite content to lie in my arms as I walk; we look at the trees and flowers. If it is raining, I take an umbrella, so she does not get wet. Even if it is snowing, I will bundle her up to keep her warm and we still go outside for our nightly walk. Banshee will be seven years old on September 20, 2002. She is a wonderful RugCat and will always be my little love!

Banshee is a purrroud member of The Pampered Prince and Princess Club! To find out how your Royal Highness can join, click on the picture.

The Pampered Princess Club

Banshee was presented with the Royal Medal of Honor! Click here to see this prestigious award.

My little girl was honored to be chosen as the Pampurred Princess for May 2001. Click on the image to find out how your kitty can be a Pampurred Princess or Prince. Thank you, Shelly and Hope! We are so very purroud!

To see a beautiful painting of a pretty little tiger kitty who looks like Banshee, please click here.

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