Amber Louise, the Youngest RugCat 

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Amber Louise came into our lives on November 1, 2002, almost three months after Pumpkin's death. A woman from a neighboring town found this little feral kitten and told me about her; when I found out about the little five-week-old baby, I asked her to bring the little girl into work. One look and that was it. The very first time Amber purred was when she was placed into my arms. Through my tears, I told her she had a new home. A trip to TED (The Evil Doctor) for a thorough check-up and her first set of kitten shots and we became her new family. 

For the first three weeks or so, Amber lived in the computer room. We didn't want to bring her around the other RugCats. We brought her into the kitchen for meals and she ate on the kitchen table. She was happy in the computer room....she had plenty of toys and food. Her very own tiny little litter box that she used from the beginning. And her little green pillow. Eventually, however, Amber realized that she had done all the exploring she could in that room and it was time for her to face the world and her new brofur and sisfurs. She was tired of being cooped up. And so, one morning she walked out of the computer room with her tailed held high.....and took over the house. And that was that!

Today Amber is about three years old and the prettiest little girl you ever saw. She is the bane of the other RugCats, always chasing them around the house, jumping out at them from under the rocking chair, and just generally creating all sorts of havoc for them. We think the other cats have taken her very young age into consideration and they don't get too nasty with her. But she does get under their fur sometimes and a good swat with their paws makes her realize that she has crossed the line.

Amber and BooBoo have a very special relationship; he became her first RugCat buddy and took her under his paw from the first day. He has been her protector from the other cats, although he gets very exasperated with her attempts to bite his butt! Although Banshee  tolerates Amber, they will never get along....after all, the Queen must keep the Princess in line. But Amber and Bootser have become playmates and when we hear Bootser tearing back the hallway, we know Amber is right on her tail. Whisper loves to give Amber her baths. And Amber sleeps with Ms. Pepe quite a bit. In fact, for the first time in RugCat history, we can often find all six of them clumped together during their daily naps. 

Amber was spayed on April 14, 2003 and she recovered well, considering how little she is. We were a little worried about her because she is so little, especially compared to the other RugCats. But she came through her spay and was racing around the house again in no time. She will celebrate her third Gotcha Day on November 1, 2005.

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