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Pita, the TigerKitten

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Pita was a little boy from one of Whisper's litters. The kittens were born at Whisper's old home, but she brought them to us and hid them in the ferns next to our driveway. I came home from school one afternoon, got out of my car, and heard a tiny mewing. When I found the kitten, I almost cried. Throughout that afternoon, she kept going back and forth, bringing her babies to us. Rick rigged up a blue tarp in the ferns and there they all stayed. (At that time, we didn't even think about bringing them into the house. Silly us!)

About six weeks later, the people who owned Whisper came over and took all of the kittens back. (We still don't know what took them so long.) They came when we weren't home. They couldn't find Pita, however, because he was so used to us that he ran away and hid from them. Graham (our son) found him when he came home from work. He brought him in the house and there he stayed.

What fun it was to have a kitten in the house again! With his big eyes and little side-hops gait, he was a joy. Hydrox became jealous and tried to smack him, but Pita didn't care. He slept between us at night and "helped" me study for college classes by perching on my books and papers and playing with my pens. Whisper would come into the house sometimes, just to make sure that her baby was OK. (This was before she adopted us completely.)

Pita died when he was about three months old. I still have a difficult time trying to talk about him. I think I was almost crazy after his death; it wasn't until after we got Banshee that I was able to calm down. Pita is buried in the lilies that he stayed in to hide from Whisper's previous owners. He was an adorable little boy.

If you have a beloved Angel Kitty, please read Cat Heaven. This is a beautiful poem for beautiful feline angels.

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