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The Cat Who....series by Lilian Jackson Braun. Meet Jim Qwilleran and his two Siamese: Koko and YumYum. Koko is a feline sleuth who helps Qwilleran solve a myriad of mysteries, from thefts to murders.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards The Cat Who Played Post Office
The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal The Cat Who Blew the Whistle
The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
The Cat Who Moved A Mountain The Cat Who Said Cheese
The Cat Who Turned On and Off The Cat Who Sniffed Glue
The Cat Who Wasn't There The Cat Who Tailed A Thief
The Cat Who Saw Red The Cat Who Went Underground
The Cat Who Went Into the Closet The Cat Who Sang for the Birds
The Cat Who Played Brahms The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts
The Cat Who Came to Breakfast The Cat Who Saw Stars
The Cat Who Lived High The Cat Who Had 14 Tales (short stories)

The Cat Who...Companion by Sharon Feaster is a guide to the series and includes plot summaries, a Who's Who list, and a map of Moose County. It also includes an interview with Lilian Jackson Braun.

The Cat Who...Cookbook by Julie Murphy and Sally Abney Stempinski offers more than 200 recipes from "Curried Lamb" to "Mrs. Cobb's Pumpkin Pie." With excerpts from each book.

The Midnight Louie series by Carole Browne Douglas. Meet Midnight Louie and his human partner, Miss Temple Barr. They live in Las Vegas and have a true affinity for mayhem and murder.

Catnap Cat in a Flamingo Fedora
Pussyfoot Cat in a Golden Garland
Cat on a Blue Monday Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt
Cat in a Crimson Haze Cat in an Indigo Mood
Cat in a Diamond Dazzle Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit
Cat in a Kiwi Con Cat in a Crimson Haze
Cat in a Midnight Choir Cat in a Leopard Spot

Lydia Adamson writes the Alice Nestleton Mystery Series, in which Alice is an actress/cat sitter. 

A Cat in the Manger A Cat on a Winning Streak
A Cat of a Different Color A Cat in Fine Style
A Cat in Wolf's Clothing A Cat in a Chorus Line
A Cat by Any Other Name A Cat Under the Mistletoe
A Cat in the Wings A Cat on a Beach Blanket
A Cat with a Fiddle A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock
A Cat in a Glass House A Cat on Stage Left
A Cat with No Regrets A Cat of One's Own
A Cat on the Cutting Edge A Cat Named Brat
A Cat with the Blues A Cat with No Clue

Written by Rita Mae Brown, the Sneaky Pie Brown series is excellent with Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the Corgi finding themselves in all kinds of dilemmas, trying to keep their mistress, Mary Minor "Harry" Harristeen out of trouble.

Catch as Cat Can Cat on A Scent
Rest in Pieces Pawing Through the Past
Pay Dirt Murder on the Prowl
Claws and Effect Wish You Were Here
Murder at Monticello
Murder She Meowed

Peter Gethers is the author of The Cat Who Went to Paris and A Cat Abroad. These books relate delightful stories of Norton, a handsome Scottish Fold, in Paris and around Europe.

In Cat Stories, veterinarian James Herriot introduces us to Ollie and Ginny, Alfred, Boris, Emily, and Buster, just a few of England's finest felines.

CatWatching, by Desmond Morris, teaches us everything we always wanted to know about cats. Why do cats purr? Why does a cat wag its tail? Can cats see color? Interesting and informative.

CatLore, also by Desmond Morris, picks up where CatWatching ends. Why do tomcats kill kittens? How did the Manx cat lose its tail? Why do white cats make bad mothers? It's all in here.

Know Your Cat, by Dr. Bruce Fogle, is an excellent guide to kitty behavior. Includes beautiful pictures.

Kingdom of Cats, by the National Wildlife Federation, is not just for domestic tabbies. This book includes gorgeous photography of lions, tigers, jaguars, and more. This is my favorite book in our collection.

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