Bootser, Little Chirper Girl

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Bootser is Whisper's litter sister and is Aunt Bootser to BooBoo and Ms. Pepe. She is a fluffy little tuxedo kitty and looks more like a kitten than a full-grown cat. We think Bootser and Whisper are around seven years old. Actually, Bootser was the first kitty to come over to our house; Whisper followed her over about a week later. Bootser must have told her that she found a place where the humans liked kitties!

Bootser is very skittish; we think she may have been abused. She runs under the desk in the bedroom when company comes. She runs down to the basement door when she hears thunder. I've tried to go down there with her and hold her during the thunderstorm, but she really prefers to be left alone during this time. She doesn't actually meow; it's more like a little chirp. But she can certainly scream during her visits to and from the vet!.

Bootser's true love is our son, Graham, who paid for her spaying when she came into the house. She just adores her Graham. When Graham still lived at home, he would come home from work and she would stand by him and scold him until he picked her up for some cuddle-time. Then she would just purr and purr while he fondled her ears and neck.

She has also learned how to get special attention from her Pawpurr. She will jump up on Rick's lap and he would caress her. When he stops touching her, Bootser, will lean up and very gently touch Rick's mustache with her nose. Then he starts to pet her again. He stops and she always give him that little mustache kiss.

Bootser and Banshee and Whisper are all good friends. Bootser and her sister Whisper will be eleven years old on July 15, 2005 (we had to chose their birthdays). Bootser is really a beautiful little RugCat who just craves attention and love.

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